Gabrielle Bashir SC


P       (02) 9390 7777

F       (02) 9261 4600


Professional History

Admitted as a legal practitioner in 1996

Admitted as a barrister in 2000

Appointed Senior Counsel in 2014

Gabrielle Bashir appears regularly in courts at all levels of the criminal justice system - the High Court, Court of Criminal Appeal, Supreme Court, District Court and Local Court. She has appeared in many notable trials and appeals. She has appeared in cases raising constitutional challenges to legislation impinging on the criminal trial process and/or the exercise of judicial discretion. She appears in complex Federal criminal cases on behalf of corporations and individuals.

Gabrielle Bashir also appears in commissions of inquiry and inquests. She has appeared as counsel assisting in inquests pertaining to deaths in custody. She has represented victims of crime in criminal investigations and commissions of inquiry. Her practice includes appearances in disciplinary tribunals and administrative proceedings.

Gabrielle is on the Bar Council of the NSW Bar Association. She is the Co-chair of the Criminal Law Committee of the NSW Bar Association and has been on that Committee since 2000. She is a Director of the Law Council of Australia and Co-chair of the National Criminal Law Committee of the Law Council.

Areas of Practice

Criminal law


Commissions of inquiry and inquests

Corporate crime

Disciplinary proceedings

Administrative law

Statutory offences