‘8 Petrie Terrace’ Chambers operate out of a warehouse called the Jacksons Building in Petrie Terrace in Brisbane, a short walk from the new Supreme & District Courts complex.

The current members are Peter Callaghan SC, Saul Holt QC, Lincoln Crowley QC, Mark McCarthy, Paula Morreau, Benjamin Dighton, Mary Keaney and Matt Jackson. Their individual profiles demonstrate a wealth of advocacy experience especially in the criminal jurisdiction, coupled with capacity and expertise in several other areas of practice.

There has been a long term collegiate relationship between some of the founding members and several reputable counsel based interstate. Sydney-based barristers Tim Game SC, Phillip Boulten SC and Gabrielle Bashir SC operate from a room in '8 Petrie Terrace' Chambers to accommodate their Queensland practices.

Members of ‘8 Petrie Terrace’ are committed to the highest ideals of justice and provide professional advice and representation reflecting those ideals with precision and care.


All lawyers in the State of Queensland are admitted to practice as 'legal practitioners'. Legal practitioners have a right of audience before all courts. Historically, lawyers seeking to work as advocates have chosen to work on a referral basis as sole practitioners. They do not form partnerships. They are referred to variously as 'counsel' and 'barristers' and offer specialist advocacy and advice services.

A system is in place whereby certain of those barristers are recognised as 'senior counsel' or 'silk' (so named because they wear silk robes in court). Senior Counsel use the letters 'QC' or 'SC', meaning Queen's Counsel or Senior Counsel.