Justin Greggery QC


Areas of Practice

Justin is highly sought after as a trial advocate. He is available to be briefed for advice or appearance work in the following areas:

  • Appellate

  • Criminal

  • Commissions of inquiry

  • Common law/personal injury

  • Judicial Review

Justin Greggery QC

Professional History

Justin Greggery QC took silk in 2017. He was admitted as a barrister in 2000 and prosecuted numerous trials and appeals for the Director of Public Prosecutions (Qld) where he was employed. In 2006 he joined R. J. Douglas Chambers in Townsville. Justin’s developed additional practice areas including tort, administrative, commercial and succession law. He regularly acts for persons who have suffered primary or secondary psychological injury in the course of their employment. In 2017 he and others formed 31 Sturt Chambers which takes an active role in supporting law students in regional Queensland.

Justin is the Chair of the Australian Bar Association Criminal Law Committee, has served on the Bar Council for the Bar Association of Queensland, and is a contributor to Butler & Holt’s “Indictable Offences Queensland”.

Notable Cases

R v MAP [2006] QCA 220 (similar fact, separate trials)

R v Wark [2008] QCA 172 (sentence range for different categories of rape)

R v HAU [2009] QCA 165 (deficiency in disclosure – re-trial ordered)

R v Conway [2012] QCA 142 (2012) 223 A Crim R 244 (sentence range for rape)

R v Rogers [2013] QCA 192 (2013) 231 A Crim R 290 (led by Callaghan SC) (error in fact finding on sentence)

R v Osborne [2014] QCA 291 (2014) 69 MVR 45 (led by Hunter QC) (sentence range dangerous driving causing death)

R v CBM [2014] QCA 212 [2015] 1 Qd R 165 (propensity, tendency and coincidence evidence)

Spencer v Burton [2015] QCA 104 [2016] 2 Qd R 215 (led by D.B Fraser QC) (leading case on de facto relationships under the Acts Interpretation Act 1954 s 32DA, Succession Act 1981 s 5AA) Burton v Spencer [2015] QSC 356 (successful re-trial)

Woolworths Limited v Grimshaw [2016] QCA 274 (trial and appeal, personal injury – liability and quantum)

Robinson v State of Queensland [2017] QSC 165 (negligence – pure psychiatric injury from managerial mistreatment)

R v Clark [2017] QCA 318 [2018] 2 QLR (sentence range for fraud, adducing fresh evidence on appeal)

R v Quagliata [2019] QCA 45 (jury directions, particulars, joint criminal enterprise)

R v RBE [2021] QCA 146 (limits on judicial fact finding on sentences, s 132C Evidence Act 1977)

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