Matt Jackson


Areas of Practice

  • Criminal Law
  • Regulatory Law
  • Appellate – criminal
  • Public/Administrative Law
  • Civil & Human Rights/Discriminations
  • Inquests
  • Commissions of Inquiry
  • Statutory Tribunals
Matt Jackson


Matt was called to the Bar in 2018.

He has established a busy practice, appearing primarily in criminal law but also in regulatory, disciplinary, and inquest proceedings.

In 2023, Matt was appointed to the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council and became the author of the Queensland Sentencing Manual in 2024.

Matt was listed as a recommended junior counsel in the 2024 Doyles Guide.

Qualifications, Appointments and Admissions

  • 2014 Bachelor of Laws (Public Law major) / Bachelor of International Relations (Business) (Bond)
  • 2016 Admitted as a Solicitor, Supreme Court of Queensland
  • 2017 Admitted as a Solicitor, High Court of Australia
  • 2018 Admitted as a Barrister, Supreme Court of Queensland
  • 2020 L.L.M. (Research) (QUT) Thesis Title: Gladue, Bugmy and ‘Special Treatment’ – Reconciling a Proposal for Sentencing Law Reform in Queensland with s.10 of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth)

Professional History

2012 – 2014     

Law Clerk, Nyst Legal – recipient of Nyst Legal Indigenous Corporate Scholarship


Associate to his Honour Judge Long SC, District Court of Queensland 

2016 – 2018     

Solicitor, Nyst Legal

Selected Publications and Presentations

2015 – 2017     

Volunteer Lawyer, Griffith University Innocence Project    


Guest Lecturer, Bond University, Criminal Law and Procedure


Author, Submission (no 62) to the Australian Law Reform Commission’s inquiry into incarceration rate of Indigenous Australians – cited at [6.100] and [6.103] in the ‘Pathways to Justice – An Inquiry into the Incarceration Rate of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’, Final Report (Report 133, 28 March 2018) 


Legal Wise seminar, September 2020, ‘The Impact of Existing Parole on Sentencing: The Penalties and Sentences Act 1992 Untangled’


Gold Coast District Law Association 2021 Conference, presentation on R v Baxter [2021] QSC 70, with Crowley QC (as his Honour then was)


Management Committee, Caxton Legal Centre


Legalwise seminar June 2024, ‘Criminal Trial Strategy: Committals in Focus’, presenting with Emma Higgins, Director of Robertson O’Gorman

North Queensland Law Association 2024 Conference, The Art and Science of Persuasion, presenting with Saul Holt KC 


Notable Cases

Athwal v State of Queensland [2023] QCA 156 (led by Merkel KC, with Katharine Brown; appeal allowed)

R v Misi; Ex parte Attorney-General (Qld) [2023] QCA 34 (resisted the appeal; led by Copley KC (as his Honour then was)

R v Woosup [2022] QCA 270 (conviction appeal allowed; unled)

R v Turner [2022] QCA 175 (sentence appeal dismissed; notable unreported decision; unled)

R v Walker [2022] QCA 54 (sentence appeal dismissed; unled)

R v Taufao [2022] QCA 30 (conviction appeal dismissed; unled) 

SQH v Scott [2022] QSC 16 (2022); 10 QR 215; (2022) 296 A Crim R 1 (led by Holt KC; speaking role)

Allwood v Attorney-General (2021) 7 QR 346 (unled)

Davidson v The Queen [2021] HCA Trans 4 (special leave refused after a Full Court referral; led by McCarthy)

R v Spreadborough [2020] QCA 291 (conviction appeal dismissed; notable unreported decision; unled)

R v HBZ [2020] HCA Trans 187 (special leave refused at an oral hearing: appearing for the applicant; led by Holt QC)

GBF v The Queen [2020] 94 ALJR 1037 (appeal allowed; led by Holt QC)

Malaguti v Orchard [2020] QDC 242 (Matt appeared at first instance on behalf of the National Regulator and was led on appeal by Crowley QC)

Maher v The Commissioner of Police [2020] QDC 45 (unled; appeal allowed)

Magill v The Commissioner of Police [2020] QDC 8 (unled; appeal dismissed)

R v Baxter [2019] HCA 234 (special leave refused at an oral hearing: appearing for the respondent; led by Crowley QC)  

MCO v The Queen [2019] HCA Trans 73 (special leave refused at an oral hearing: appearing for the applicant; led by Callaghan SC)

R v Mahony [2019] QCA 131 (led by Holt QC)